Cleaning Company in Al Khobar

Cleaning Company in Al Khobar

Cleaning in Al Khobar is one of the companies established on pillars and strong foundations, including strong technical manpower with unlimited cleaning skills and modern cleaning tools that do not waste time and produce noticeable cleaning results. The company uses only approved detergents from the health authorities in the country which Through which the stains can be removed easily and from the various cleaning methods used in the company’s work in the field of hygiene as follows:

• The modern method of cleaning using steam and is suitable for cleaning the glass facades and different walls and all types of floors, as well as suitable for carpets and carpets and so on website .

• The cleaning method using vacuum cleaners. The cleaning company has many types of brooms, some of which are suitable for cleaning large places such as clubs and mosques. Some of them are suitable for cleaning houses and villas. Others have the possibility of cleaning in the presence of water and cleaning of swimming pools.

• The manual cleaning method is sometimes done in the cleaning of the upper cabinets and cleaning some parts and contents of the house and cleaning surfaces and various other places.

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